Around the District in 180 Days

 Around the District in 180 Days

The Education Network's Ric Blackwell is traveling the school district in 180 days, highlighting what's cool about each of our 179 district-operated schools. Log on to Twitter or Facebook every school day at 1 p.m. to see who we're featuring next. 

Day 1: Congress Middle

Day 4: Pierce Hammock Elementary

Day 7: Don Estridge Middle 

 Day 10: Wellington Landings Middle 

  Day 13: Berkshire Elementary 

  Day 16: H.L. Johnson Elementary

Day 19: Galaxy E3 Elementary

Day 22: Pine Jog Elementary

Day 2: Boca Raton Community High 

Day 5: Calusa Elementary

 Day 8: Diamond View Elementary

Day 11: Jupiter Middle 

Day 14: Wellington High

Day 17: Orchard View Elementary

Day 20: Gove Elementary

Day 3: Limestone Creek Elementary

Day 6: Frontier Elementary

Day 9: Olympic Heights High 

Day 12: L.C. Swain Middle 

Day 15: Polo Park Middle

Day 18: C.O. Taylor/Kirklane Elementary

Day 21: Belle Glade Elementary

The School District of Palm Beach County