Prekindergarten (PreK) ESE

Our PreK ESE programs serve children between the ages of 3 and 5 in various schools across the school district.

The purpose of PreK ESE is to provide children with early learning experiences to teach skills that focus on delays in the five developmental areas, which include:

The learning environment is set up into centers, such as:
Art Center
Block Center
Dramatic Play Center
Library Center
Sand and Water Center
Table Toys Center

The PreK ESE curriculum is based on age-appropriate themes. The curriculum is:
Developmental Learning Materials (DLM) Early Childhood Express
Classrooms may also use:

Conscious Discipline (for social-emotional development)
Other resources as appropriate

Parent Resources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Developmental Milestones
This website provides information on skills that most children have from 2 months up to 5 years. It also describes activities that you can do at home to help encourage the acquisition of various skills.

Conscious Discipline: Free Resources for Parents

This website provides tools and strategies to handle upset and conflicts with your child at home. Creating a free account is required to access resources.

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