Hospital Homebound

Homebound or Hospitalized and ESE Special Programs

The Homebound or Hospitalized Medical Report Form (PBSD 0312) has been revised as of 6-14-18.

The previous edition with the revision date of 2015 will no longer be accepted.
Please contact the ESE Contact or School Counselor at your child's school if you suspect that Homebound or Hospitalized services are needed.

Click the SCHOOLS tab on the District's home page to find contact information for schools.

The Homebound or Hospitalized (HH) program offers temporary services for eligible students who have a medically diagnosed physical or psychiatric condition which is acute or catastrophic in nature, or a chronic illness, or a repeated intermittent illness due to a persisting medical problem that confines the student to hospital or home, and restricts activities for an extended period of time.

The purpose of HH services is to meet the student’s special education needs during confinement to the home or hospital. Healthcare needs are the first priority. Continuity of instruction is attained by the parents, HH personnel, and homeschool staff working together. Services are provided based on the recommendations of the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) team.

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