Addressing the Board

The School Board of Palm Beach County welcomes and encourages citizens to be involved and attend its meetings. Time is set aside at each of the regularly-scheduled monthly meetings to allow Palm Beach County residents, businesses, organizations, or District employees to address the Board. The procedures for speakers and public comment  are found in paragraphs A. 7 to 10 in School Board Policy 1.03 on School Board meetings and the policy can be found at Policy 1.03 - School Board Meetings.

The Public Comment period is designed to gain input from the public. The Board will consider the public comments and any supporting materials provided by speakers.

Write to the Board
To write to the School Board and District Leadership, email [email protected]

Registering to Address the Board
Public comment is accepted on agenda topics only at Workshops and Special Meetings, and on any topic at Regular Board Meetings. Please contact the Board Office by noon the day of the meeting to be added to the Speaker’s List in advance. 

If the deadline has passed, speakers can obtain a blue "Comments by The Public” card located just inside the Board Room and submit it to the Board Clerk prior to the meeting being called to order. Once the meeting has been called to order, no additional speakers or comment cards will be accepted.

Speakers will not be denied the opportunity to speak on the basis of their viewpoint; however, the public is urged to follow the procedures in School Board Policy Policy 1.03 before presenting issues or concerns to the Board through public comment.

Procedures for Addressing the Board
To ensure the orderly administration of business and to provide opportunities for input, the School Board of Palm Beach County has adopted these rules found in School Board Policy 1.03. Failure to follow these rules may result in termination of a speaker’s comments.
  • Instructions for addressing the board can be found in BoardDocs.

  • Public comment can be made in one of two ways following the procedures in Policy 1.03, mainly in paragraphs A. 7-10:
    • 1. In-Person:
      The public can attend the meeting in a room or rooms at the Fulton-Holland Educational Services Center. A room or rooms will be provided for the public to view, listen, and/or provide public comment. Speakers must be signed up in advance of the meeting by calling the Board Office at any one of these phone numbers: 561-434-8136, 561-434-8139, 561-434-7481, or 561-434-8131 or email at [email protected]. The deadline to sign up to speak is noon the day of the meeting. However, as stated above, the speaker can also complete a blue card   prior to the meeting being called to order.

    • 2. In Writing:
      Written public comment can be submitted by writing to the Board office or emailing [email protected]. Written comments are limited to 400 words (approximately equal to 3 minutes reading time). To assure written comments are read by School Board Members prior to the meeting, they must be received by noon THE DAY BEFORE the meeting. Any person interested in additional information may contact the Board Office at 561-434-8136.

  • Safety Protocols for Entering FHESC to View/Listen/Speak:
  • See Policy 1.03, paragraphs A. 24 and 25.
    Social distancing is required. Rooms will have a maximum number of guests allowed.
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